Noise Academy

Noise Academy offers a one day a week platform where students can express themselves creatively through arts like DJing, Rapping, Music Production and Beatboxing.

Working with students who may previously have found adhering to school structures challenging, our sessions increase motivation to attend school; providing them with a sense of direction and passion. Ultimately the programmes aim to empower individuals and equip them with the necessary tools and the skills required to progress further within the music industry or to simply enjoy a sense of success. The sense of success will then breed confidence which will consequently further engage students and drive academic progress and attainment.

“Noise Academy has been excellent to have in school, it works really well with our pupils, ranging from primary to secondary. It is a positive experience for all the pupils involved. They look forward to their session every week and are enjoying making their own masterpieces. Noise Academy have been working with some of the most vulnerable and hard to reach pupils and they have been making success. They been very adaptable to the needs of the pupils so they can access the Noise Academy provision”

Ash Khan, Deputy Headteacher

A typical structure includes us working with up to 8 students individually throughout the day.

We provide:

  • End of term Certificates
  • Behaviour and progress reports
  • An online platform where students can listen to their work
  • Facilitation of Industry standard equipment




Joe Townsley – 07852973797

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