Music Support Service

The North Lincolnshire Music Support Service offers high quality tuition both in schools and the community.

A dedicated team of trained, experienced musicians deliver a wide range of musical activities that have instrumental and vocal excellence at its heart.

Children are catered for between the ages of 5 and 18 years. Tuition is offered on both orchestral and popular music instruments.

Small group, one-to-one and whole class tuition is offered to all schools and academies in North Lincolnshire on an annual basis. Schools and academies are free to request from a wide range of disciplines.

The Music Support Service works in partnership with pupils, parents, teachers, governors and schools.

Through the delivery of high quality music tuition, the service aims to nurture and inspire children in a musical environment and provide the best possible opportunities for them to succeed.

What the offer includes

The offer includes:

  • Instrumental and vocal lessons
  • Pupil participation in ensembles and resulting performance opportunities
  • Music centre participation and performing opportunities
  • Internal and external examinations with nationally recognised exam boards
  • Concerts and workshops in schools

Our offer to schools

The offer to schools includes:

  • Vocal and instrumental opportunities outside of the classroom
  • Staff support in school music groups, curriculum support and GCSE/A-level requirements
  • Early Years Music Programmes of work designed for Key Stage 1
  • Delivery of the WCIT Programme in schools at Key Stage 2
  • Opportunities for “follow-on” instrumental tuition at Key Stage 2


photo of guitar teacher teaching a whole class of students with guitars

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Music Support Service
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