No Parades – National First World War Project

AFTWF are running a national First World War project called ‘Away from the Western Front‘, which is using the arts to look at the war in places like Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Macedonia, East Africa and Italy, and the changes in global history which came about as a result. They have just launched a music activity for choirs and brass bands for schools and groups.

They have commissioned composer Chris Hoban (he’s written quite a few songs for the acclaimed folk group ‘Show of Hands’) to compose a new First World War song focussing on a lesser-known aspect of the war.

No Parades is in the style of a song of the period and is available in many different formats, including a Mento version and instrumental scores for a full brass band. The scores are free to download and use. AFTWF are inviting choirs and bands to play it and send them videos and recordings for their website. They will select the best for professional recording. They are also inviting people to submit their own compositions based on the stories of the First World War ‘Away from the Western Front’.

For more information please see the AFTWF website