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Free Resources

These three free songs are for you to try. They are pdf files so are easy to download and use straight away.

The three songs included here for you to enjoy singing are:

Little Bunnies Sleeping – a lovely song with some fun actions exploring louder and quieter sounds.

Row, row, row your boat – a really catchy song which keeps to a steady beat and is ideal for adding your own sounds for the animals you meet when ‘rowing’ down the stream!

Penny on the Water – another song ideal for adding movement as the little fish excitedly ‘jumps’ up out of the water.

Penny on the Water

Bunny Sleeping

Row your Boat

Little Bunnies Sleeping                                 Row Row Row                                       Penny on the Water

Free Resource Examples for Key Stage 1 and 2

The following are examples of free resources for Key Stages and 2:

New Resources for Key Stage 2 – Age Related Musical Skills

This new resource is for music teachers. It includes suggestions for lessons and helpful links to a selection of songs plus games and activities.

The book is free for North Lincolnshire teachers. For non SLA schools there will be a small charge. Please contact us for more information at or 01724 292933

BBC Ten Pieces – Get Creative with Classical Music

This is an exciting project for Primary Schools focusing on classical music and creativity. It’s a wonderful way to open up the world of classical music to children and to inspire them to become involved in creating their own music, dance, digital art and much more.

Find out more about BBC Ten Pieces

BBC Ten Pieces Newsletter

BBC Ten Pieces Website

Free Music Teaching Resources from the ISM

Our friends at the ISM have produced a range of brilliant, free teaching resources with a number of different toolkits. You’ll find full details here.  Aimed at primary music educators, there is a lot of value here for secondary school music teachers too.

Sing Start and Sing More

Take a look at our Resources page for information on Sing Start and Sing More.

Useful Links

Charanga Musical School – an exciting digital resource to help teach the new Primary Music curriculum

The North Lincolnshire SCITT Partnership – offers School-Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)

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