Early Years Foundation Stage Singing Programme

Sing StartOur Sing!Start book is full of songs and activities for you to use with very young children and comes with guidance on how to perform them. Children love to sing. We all have a voice and it is the first instrument we learn to use. You don’t need to play an instrument to sing with children. Singing done ‘voice to voice’ is much easier for them to pick up. The children will love to listen and join in with the actions as you sing along with the accompanying CD.

The book begins with an explanation of some of the musical terms used and is followed by a short plan with a list of the songs and how to use them. The songs come next with colourful illustrations for you to follow as you sing. For those who just want to sing along there is a vocal CD with the book for you to listen to then join in.

This book is the first of a series of singing booklets which will follow children’s singing progression from birth to age 16 and beyond. We hope you will purchase this very reasonably priced book with CD and enjoy a really good ‘Sing Start’. Happy Singing!

To hear three of the songs and watch them in action watch our short You Tube clip.



We’ve also included three songs for you (for free!) as pdf files so you can download and use them straight away. Visit our Free Resources page to get them.

To purchase the Sing! Start Booklet and CD please e mail