Withington Trust – Funding available for students under 21

The Withington Trust provides financial assistance for North Lincolnshire pupils wishing to take part in activities.

The Withington Trust was created following the will of the late ex-headteacher of Frederick Gough School, Peter Withington, who was headteacher from 1966 to 1977. He bequeathed money for the purpose of providing financial assistance for young people under the age of 21 who undertake activities that are not normally provided for in a normal educational curriculum.

In the past, the Trust has awarded up to £350 for equipment or other costs associated with the provision of these extra-curricular activities. The Trust cannot pay for course fees, but does provide a helping hand that has assisted hundreds of North Lincolnshire pupils during its existence.


Young people who wish to apply for financial assistance are invited to write to:

The Withington Trust
Frederick Gough School
Grange Lane South
North Lincolnshire
DN16 3NG

Please include:

Personal information

Begin with your name and give additional details such as your interests, school/college attending and course of study.

  • Explain why you are applying
  • Detail the reasons why you are applying, eg for equipment, or to support extra-curricular activities or charitable events (please note course fees cannot be funded)
  • Give a clear explanation of your circumstances and explain how you meet the criteria of the Trust (under 21 and resident of North Lincolnshire)
  • Explain what actions you have taken to help with your finances, such as taking up employment, sponsorships etc.
  • Where possible provide a breakdown of associated costs
  • Explain how the funding will help you. Requirements: Under 21 and resident in North Lincolnshire.

Please note there is a limit to funding allocated depending on the activity.