Instrument Lessons

There are two ways that your child can access instrument lessons of their choice:

  1. If their school buys into the Music Support Service offer then they may be able to receive lessons from a visiting specialist instrumental teacher in the school day. They may be loaned an instrument free of charge or at a subsidised rate. This is an easy way of accessing professional teaching with all the support that goes with it.
  1. The Music Support Service visit schools and academies in North Lincolnshire to deliver high quality specialist instrumental and vocal tuition to children and young people from the ages of 5-18. Tuition is very often in small groups or one-to-one sessions once pupils reach a more advanced level. The Service also offers whole class instrumental tuition at the primary phase and other types of ensemble tuition.

The instrument teacher will support your child all the way through their development as a musician and is an expert performer in their own right. They have the knowledge to help your child access a variety of performing opportunities as they progress – from local music festivals and concerts to National initiatives and professional concerts and gigs. North Lincolnshire pupils also enjoy additional opportunities to join others in music making in ensembles at school, outside ensembles and as part of the North Lincolnshire Music Centre.

The Music Support Service provides a high quality core team of tutors and musicians to respond to the musical needs of schools and pupils in North Lincolnshire.

Music Tuition in Schools

If you would like your child to receive music tuition in their school please contact the school in the first instance. You can also contact the Music Support Service directly.

Music Tuition after School

However, if this method of tuition does not suit your needs then there are a wide variety of freelance teachers operating in North Lincolnshire who may have vacancies available. These lessons are generally after school hours. Some teachers offer a home visit service whilst others operate from a base.  To find further details please see the Music Teachers website


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